Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The logo says everything they stand for...Just Perform..
This is where I am doing my PS2, for the uninitiated this is a part of BITS curriculum where we have to do a six months internship in our fourth year.
I joined here on 2nd of July and now the internship is about to get over and I can say that it was exhilarating. An amazing experience so far with people doing nothing but working all the time..apart from the team outings, the part I liked the most.

Although I haven't been in any other organization for such a long time, NTPC, my PS1 was just a 2 months thing and that too it was total LITE..So I can't really compare the work here to any other place but seriously it's a large corporation with so many organizational and structural levels that I am totally delighted by the dedication with which people work and the way the management painstakingly persevere to organize the entire organization.

Recently PSoC3 and PSoC5 were launched with a massive add campaign and although I can't really see the bigger picture from my position I am pretty sure that it's going great.

More than that the people here can even close their eyes and answer all your questions regarding any experiment you would have ever done or will be doing...cool people who have put in endless hours learning and doing stuff.

Just a few words about PS2, it was amazing until my PS instructor got changed, the new one just loves shouting at people and scolding them for no reason in particular, its like her favorite sport. Anyways the important part is that I have enjoyed the past few months here in bangalore and particularly Cypress. The thing that I admire the most now in BITS is this unique curriculum which we follow and the practice schools are definitely the best things that any college can provide its students with. I am thankful not just to BITS but the corporate houses who are coming forward to accept interns, the BITS PS division and everyone else who is in anyway associated with the system to make these practice schools happen and not just happen but to run successfully and in a magnificent way altogether.