Thursday, July 30, 2009

Of Pseudonyms and other generalities

For the past Three months although this blog was dormant, I wasn't, Blogosphere doesn't let you live without it. I was only living a disguised life, writing somewhere with a pseudonym, following all those whom I have always loved and have admired their writing skills and styles in every post.

There is one thing I must tell you living a life where no one knows you as in no one knows who you are, and there is absolutely no one who can judge you for what you say or write or do or think is just amazing..its sensational..its thrilling and its so much fun...until you take LITE...

Anyways I had a lot of fun and I PLAN to continue with both my lives i.e. clark kent as well as superman...For now I am bored with such a powerful life and have returned back to earth to be among the humans and live a peaceful life which is obviously so humanly...with soo many likes and dislikes and all other random things which all of you do...

So as a part of this endeavor of mine I am living a simple life in Bangalore and just for the sake of grades and ofcourse money I am doing an internship here at Cypress Semiconductors..oh by the way for those who dont know me...PSOC turns me on!!!
The hardware lab here is so much fun...ofcourse the analog labs in college were fun too but this is just awesome...even though I miss my lab partners here(not ARC he has upgraded from my lab partner to my room partner).

So here in Bangalore I met a lot of people, worked with a lot of really really cool people at Cypress and Dream a Dream an NGO I am working with.

Will keep updating you..