Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Teach For India

Sometimes connecting the dots, as Steve Jobs puts it, becomes so easy. Somehow someday I started with this idea of joining Abhigyaan, then starting a blog where everyone associated with Abhigyaan can share there thoughts and experiences and then someone posting stuff about Teach For India on it.

The very first moment I saw that something like this exists I called up Ravi and Abhishek and told them that WE can DO something. Something significant and something that resonates with our thoughts and plans.

Everything about Teach For India excited me, the content on its website, the people associated with it, the methodology, the subtlety with which the biggest of all dreams has been shared, the straightforward way in which the problems our country is facing and solutions to them are mentioned, everything caught hold of my imagination.
The most amazing thing was thrown at me when I checked out the application procedure, The biggest application I had ever seen, it has some 6 pages and comprises of almost everything anyone can know about you. The minutest of the details. Writing those essays was overwhelming. Looking back at everything you have done in your life and how it has shaped you, the way you are now....It was too good and in a way it helped me understand the significance of everything that we do in life and how it affects our persona.
But, this was just the beginning of an awe-inspiring process. Application submission was followed by telephonic interviews and then a looooong assessment center. Although I was directly called to the assessment center..yay!!! a lot of guys had to go through the telephonic interview which again was grueling to them...

It will take another looonnng post to describe the assessment center. For now I will let you know the final result...I GOT IN...I have been offered admission to the fellowship 2010. yoyoyoyoyo
But the process has just begun..making THE DECISION...and getting family and friends to accept and believe in THE DECISION...


  1. hey divesh
    I am Adil from Hdyerabad. I have been selected for the interview in Jan. Would like to know from you about the Assessment center. And also about how you went about the sample lesson. Would be grateful if you could help me out

  2. Adil better you mail me your doubts on

  3. Hey Divesh,
    Congrats on getting there! :) I have applied just before the last deadline for TFI. I want to know more about the Assessment Centre and the activities held there for the selection process. As Adil, I too would be really grateful to you, if you could help me.


  4. Worldest comman person and see more about this person....